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Pre-School Ballet

Our pre-school ballet class introduces our tiniest students to the joy of dance. In this fun-filled, 45 minute class, students explore creative movement, expand fine motor skills, develop musical awareness, and tap into their imagination all while learning the fundamentals of ballet. 



The foundation of dance. Our ballet classes are taught as combination classes and focus on developing grace and poise in a loving, friendly atmosphere. 



A percussive style of dance. Our tap classes are taught along with ballet and help students develop rhythm, musicality, coordination and balance with choreography set to upbeat music. 

Citrus Fruits


Jazz dance incorporates techniques from classical ballet along with modern and popular styles of dance to create an upbeat, lively dance form. Our jazz classes are taught as combination classes and focus on developing foundational technique, coordination, and musicality with fun choreography. 



A fun, freestyle form of dance set to popular music. Our hip-hop classes are 45 minutes long and focus on building foundational skills with fun, age appropriate choreography set to contemporary music.


A beautiful artistic style of classical ballet in which dancers support all of their body weight on the tips of fully extended feet within pointe shoes. Our beginner and intermediate pointe class is 45 minutes long and establishes fundamental pointe technique. 

Ready to Dance?

Join our dance family! Registration for our 2023-2024 season is now open.

Hurry, spots are limited!

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