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Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes begin? How long does your season last?

Our 2024-2025 dance season begins on Monday, August 12th and concludes April 19th, 2025 with our annual recital. Registration is now open, so secure your spot today!

How do I sign my child up for classes?

We offer convenient online registration through our parent portal. If you're new here, you will need to create an account first and then select your classes. Our $30 registration fee is required up front to hold your child's spot in class. 

How often do students practice each week?

All of our classes are offered once per week. Ballet, tap, and jazz are offered as combination classes (1-1.5 hours per week, depending on age) to allow for fundamental instruction in each of the three dance disciplines. Beginning in the 3rd grade, dancers can add a hip hop class (additional 45 minutes), and in the 6th grade, they have the option to add our pointe class as well (additional 45 minutes). 

What should students wear to class?

Wearing proper dance attire is an important part of growing as a dancer for two primary reasons: it helps students have the right mindset for learning in class, and it allows our teachers to show correct body alignment and movement. While the proper dance attire varies depending on the class, in general all dance wear should be form fitting - tights, leotards, dance shorts/skirts, leggings - and the correct dance shoes should be brought to each class. We have an in-studio dance store where you can conveniently purchase your class attire and shoes. 

When do students perform?

Our students perform in our annual recital held each April. Our 2025 recital will be held April 18th and 19th. 

I'm not sure what class my child should take. Can you help?

Of course! Please reach out to us at or call Brooke Altman at 229-412-4306. We will be happy to help you determine the best class for your child to join!

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