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About Us

In 1952, Josephine Gerlock created a dance studio based on a philosophy of loving children then teaching them to dance. Gerlock Dance Studio holds true to these same values over sixty eight years later. Gerlock deems there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our children perform and feeling confident in themselves.  Dancing takes discipline and dedication, and can aid in a child’s development of coordination, physical conditioning, flexibility, stamina and more. We strive in making children feel welcome and loved. The atmosphere at Gerlock is inviting and uplifting. We encourage children to have their own style and sense of creativity. All children should have the opportunity to express their inner self and dancing is a way to showcase each child’s personality, emotion, and love. With enthusiasm and support, your child will not only learn to dance, but assurance in themselves and a positive attitude.

If you would like more information please contact us or visit our studio!

4476 Valnorth Drive Valdosta, GA 31602
Behind YMCA Gymnastics

Contact: Please call Brooke Altman (229) 412-4306

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